African Rhythms: The Autobiography of Randy Weston (a John Hope Franklin Center Book)

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African Rhythms

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    Ted: Straight-ahead jazz, some blues, American songbook fare. Chad: We look to present straight-ahead jazz, blues, and plenty of vocal fare. Ted: It provides an opportunity to satisfy several senses: visual, smell, taste, and sound; the appetizing smell, taste, sound, and visual offerings make it an experience to remember.

    Chad: I openly and unapologetically say, from a very self serving standpoint, it has allowed me the opportunity to work at my craft outside of practicing. Chad: Some of our most successful presentations have been by artists who take a proactive role in promoting themselves, the supporting venue, and the music.

    Are you looking to expand at any time, and what do you have coming up that you can share with the readers? Ted: We are experimenting with Friday night jazz and blues on selected weeks. Historically, as my current research project on jazz venues in Brooklyn courtesy of the Weeksville Heritage Society clearly indicates, as well as anecdotal evidence from Lost Jazz Shrines across the country, there have been many examples of African Americans operating jazz venues… but not so much here in the 21st century.

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    • After years of presenting all manner of jazz artists — from emerging talents to NEA Jazz Masters — Twins Jazz has embarked on the development of a not-for-profit foundation as a means of further spreading its tentacles into broader service to the art form and sustaining the audience for jazz. For over twenty-three years, Twins Jazz Club and [sister venue] Twins Lounge have worked to conceptualize and develop a friendly environment wherein jazz lovers can congregate in geniality and ambiance, sharing our love and celebration of jazz. Several musicians would continue to patronize the Lounge and insisted upon the continuation of showcasing live jazz performances.

      By , Twins Lounge opened their stage nightly to live jazz performers. Twins Lounge closed in due to building condemnation, and re-opened as Twins Jazz along the famous U Street Corridor, also known as Black Broadway back in the day. Twins Jazz perpetuates and cultivates "authentic" straight-ahead traditional jazz, and features a combination of Ethiopian, American, and Caribbean cuisine. Twins Jazz strives to not only be a jazz venue, but a social and economic force in the local and regional community via our newly formed Twins Jazz Foundation.

      Music students are encouraged to participate in our weekly jam sessions to learn their craft from more experienced musicians. We aim to bring greater appreciation and understanding to jazz from traditional to contemporary, via festivals, forums and workshops. The development of the Twins Jazz brand was certainly not an overnight discovery. Over the years we have worked to establish a solid, unmistakable identity by working to remain current in jazz as well as researching the ever-evolving trends of the social entertainment consumer.

      We are continuously working to gain a market presence via web and social portals, newspapers, radio, and other media outlets, and we certainly have learned over the years that a loyal patron goes a long way. We thrive on creating an environment that is actually friendly and meaningful, so that our patrons and artists continue to comee back and support our establishment, as well as the music we love. NE , and the current club Twins Jazz, have been host to many performances that have since become regarded as legendary milestones in DC jazz lore.

      Twins has also showcased a great variety of younger talent and acts that have later gone on to national if not international fame. And Twins is still the local venue of choice for many established jazz greats who make their homes in the DC metro area. Twins is also proud to have hosted performances that helped launch the careers of young artists once based or schooled in the DC ara, who have gone on to success, such as pianists George Colligan, Benito Gonzalez , and Allyn Johnson ; saxophonists Antonio Parker, Tim Warfield , and Kelly Shepherd ; drummer Aaron Walker ; and bassist Kris Funn and Corcoran Holt.

      The Twins Jazz Foundation aims to preserve and promote jazz, to provide education funding assistance to deserving students, and to create opportunities for students and young aspiring musicians to play and perform.

      We strive to bring greater appreciation and understanding of jazz from traditional to contemporary, via festivals, concerts, forums, workshops, and jam sessions. Twins Jazz has launched a new and improved website: www. Twins Jazz Foundation activities are underway.

      African Rhythms: The Autobiography of Randy Weston

      Please visit www. Fascination with the inner workings of jazz festivals runs deep in this corner. Clearly some questions were in order for the affable Mr. After unnecessarily apologizing for his command of the English language, Cararach obliged. The Barcelona Jazz Festival was founded in From my observations in print, along with endeavoring to present great music and artists, you are also concerned with presenting programs that feature scholars, journalists, and others talking about jazz history or issues related to jazz.

      Of course such programs enhance the festival.

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      Scholars, journalists and others talking about jazz history or issues related to jazz are an essential part of our program. Jazz is music, of course, but it is also people analyzing issues related to jazz. The famous story about Larry Ochs, for instance, is a great example of silly journalism converted into news.