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Apparently, it was being subjected to bullying , as he revealed in a heartbreaking interview to the Huffington Post.

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I was always pretty much an oddball":. Nowadays, especially with social media, there is a lot of bullying going on.

What to Do if You Are Bullied

But, I go back to my high school dynamic and there were like two kids who bullied people and they bullied everybody. So, yes, I was bullied, but that goes along with a lot of people. Even now, Cena revealed that he still gets negative comments directed his way. And while the bullies motivated him to bulk up and stand up for himself, Cena has also expressed the importance of showing vulnerability as well as strength.

Usually, we focus on trying to be as dominant as we possibly can because it is an environment where machismo just thrives.

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If you need more info, use the Contact Us form below. Working together, big change happens. We can create safe, nurturing environments where children can work and play in peace! This book will guide adults as they help kids build positive, respectful friendships, stick up for one another, and develop empathy and self-esteem. Parents and caregivers will learn to help kids ages build self-esteem, friendship skills, empathy, and resilience. Now, bedtime reading can equip kids with life-long relationship skills! The activities are easily adapted for use in the classroom.

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  7. View Resources. Chapters for adults provide key info for parents, caregivers, and teachers to help kids build self-esteem, empathy, and resilience, while strengthening the bonds between adult and child.

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    Skill-building activities, for adults and children to do together, help kids make friends, navigate awkward social situations, and stand up for themselves and one another. She has appeared on Canadian and US television and radio and spoken at numerous international conferences. Lorna BullyingEpidemic. Staci conducts bullying prevention workshops in elementary schools, after school programs, and religious institutions. StaciSchwartz7 yahoo. Help us reach huge groups of adults and kids and get them on the same page about bullying prevention, by putting key information and practical strategies in their hands — and minds — at the same time.

    Help us move bullying prevention forward in a BIG way! Do good while building customer loyalty and boosting sales!

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    Raise your community partnership profile and make your company shine in the eyes of your customers! Stand up for bully-free schools and workplaces! A perfect opportunity for back-to-school season and a great support for adults and kids at any time of year. Stand up for kindness in your community!

    Please contact us to learn more about corporate sponsorship opportunities. Fill out the contact form below. We look forward to speaking with you!

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    Retail Business Info Sheet. Non-Retail Business Info Sheet. Bullying undermines learning, damages hearts and brains, and increases the risks for depression and anxiety — for victims, targets, and bystanders. The social cost is huge and the longer bullying continues unchecked, the harder it is to repair.