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Just a little fling. Behr also opened up the panel for the actors to discuss what they saw as their defining moment from working on DS9. Here are what some of them had to say:. My first definite defining moment was my very first scene that I had to do. Then I looked in the mirror, and I saw this thing looking back at me, and the actor in me, who is smart, knew it was an opportunity.

A defining moment for me was when I sang with Avery. Celebrity , DS9. Fandom , STLV. Yeah, you can give this one to Berman. Although this could have given him the idea for the Enterprise final,or at least weakend his strengh to resist against it. So you can blaim Behr for that one. Are these also dreamed up? And secondly, and more importantly, what would have done for the show? DS9 is not about dreams really. Revealing that DS9 was the quintessential tale in a religious text would have made more sense, since the show is — among other things — about religion and morality.

Anyway, I like Berman. But in the end, his reverence for the past got the better of him.


Yep … DS9 is my favourite series of all time, but that would have cheapened the whole series, not to mention a certain crowd would be saying it is no longer canon. Yes its apples and oranges. In THIS case Behr literally wanted the entire show to just be the imagination of a random guy on the street. There is nothing to compare. The execution of it was just bad. And that one was trashed thoroughly. Even the actors I believe hated it.

Yeah, if anything the holodeck story line made Enterprise stronger in canon because the point is centuries in the future their adventures has become iconic to many in Starfleet like Riker. Exact same issue with the Kelvin movies. Many hate those too so they pretend all of it is just in another universe, even the fact Romulus gets blown up.

I have always treated it as canon but that was because I understood less about the split at Viacom. Sure they can avoid it. And I even said that they can simply say the show was set before the Romulus explosion if you just want to cop out of it completely. And it would feel like a cop out the guy who did it in the first place avoids it. Unlike SOME people here, to many of us it was obvious at some point they were going to go back to the 24th century or farther. So I hope they just address it now and move on.

Building an ls3 from scratch

They have never felt the need to make anymore of it than background. Its a bit different because its not an enemy but they can do something like this if they want. Follow their lead. The point being the holodeck recreation looked and felt just like the real thing.

Aerosmith - Never Loved a Girl (from You Gotta Move)

How did they manage such accuracy? The whole thing had to be programmed, since Kirk says in The Menagerie that no Starfleet logs are recorded in such detail. So, to my point, was the entire series then, just a 2D representation of the holodeck recreations of the missions which we watched as an audience? Or were we watching the actual missions?

Gotta Move On (Taylored Love Series Book 2) by Micki Michelle

Fans of the show can treat the rest of the episodes as being depictions of the actual events and those that had issues with Enterprise can view it all as holodeck simulation if they like. Corinthian7 — right. Every fan is free to interpret every episode of Trek anyway they like, Prime Universe, Kelvin Universe, or some other parallel universe. They can pick and choose which episodes and films they prefer to view as canon or not.

What are the fashion chances?

In the end, anything the series does to make such choices ambiguous, lessens the whole. Was ENT just one long Holo-documentary, with creative interpretations and artistic license about the events depicted? Or did it happen exactly as we saw it? With that last episode, who really knows for sure? The Wizard of Oz works because Oz is a fantastical place within the story so you can buy she dreams it. A standalone episode. NOT a series finale.

Never watched The Sopranos or Breaking Bad. But The Americans finale, while not the best ever, was quite satisfying and a worthy ending to the saga. Almost literally the complete opposite of AGT. Unfortunately it came off as hollow, with no real threat. All three enterprises were destroyed, yet there were absolutely no real world consequences. ATG ultimately disappoints because of this. As a finale it was amazingly disappointing. He flat out TOLD him everything. No one figured anything out for themselves. No characters grew. Nothing happened to anyone.

It was just a VERY pedestrian episode. Nothing special. As for the actual DS9 finale, it was definitely a mixed bag. Yeah exactly MUCH worse. And a final shot of Benny at his typewriter, with a bunch of his published novels behind him. It was bad enough that they recast Ziyal to prove to audiences that the show was a construct; that first actress for Ziyal was amazing, no offense to the very good final actress, and it was a shame to see her go. Ira Steven Behr claims to have been inspired by recasting the role of Steven Leiter in the Bond franchise.

Oh yeah! I did watch it a 2nd time some years ago…. Actually, I would have loved that dream ending. The only difference is I would have made it ambiguous, so that it could be viewed as possibly being a dream and possibly real.

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Like most Philip K. What is real? You have people who hate Enterprise now suggesting that show never really happened and was just a hologram program Riker used on the D. I would love for Star Trek to be daring again. I agree that this was a bad idea, but Jesus, you are aware that the whole franchise is a fictional construct dreamed up by humans, right? Your way overly dramatic post makes it sound like some of us fans would have seizures or get stuck in brain loops like Nomad because our fan brains would not have been able to handle it. To ignore, you just simply ignore.

A person who legitimately wanted to ignore someone would just do it an not try to call self-congratulatory attention to themselves through a sarcastic insult. I wish people could stop making it about themselves all the time. I think TVH was garbage.

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Those events happened in this fictional universe. I guess because they really hate Sybok that much lol. That is a little different though but I get that argument for certain instances. And trying to erase shows and movies out of existence because you think they suck is just childish especially when you are ignoring the millions of fans who do like and accept it.

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