The Black Nerd King

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King of the Nerds is an American reality competition series co-produced by Electus and 5x5 Media. It is inspired by the Revenge of the Nerds films. The series premiered on January 17, , on TBS.

How Daryl Morey used behavioral economics to revolutionize the art of NBA draft picks.

Following a three-season run, the series was cancelled by TBS. The contestants are initially separated into two teams. In each episode, the contestants compete in a team challenge called the "Nerd War". The winners of the Nerd War are granted immunity from elimination and typically receive a reward for their victory. Two players from the losing team are then selected to compete in a head-to-head elimination challenge called the "Nerd-Off"; one player is selected by vote from the losing team, while the other is selected by vote from the winning team.

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The loser of the Nerd-Off is eliminated from the competition. Upon reaching the penultimate episode, the teams are officially disbanded. The series has utilized different finale formats over its first two seasons. In the first season, the eliminated competitors returned as a jury to vote for the winner of the competition. However, in response to controversy over the use of what fans deem to be a "popularity contest", the winners from the second season onward were determined through challenges rather than a jury vote.

The concept for a reality television show based on Revenge of the Nerds was originally pitched by Curtis Armstrong and Robert Carradine in the mid- s. On September 4, , Armstrong announced that the show would not return for a fourth season, [21] tweeting the message: "Dearest Nerds!

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Hard to find words now. NerdsRule" The show's cancellation has been attributed to Turner Broadcasting System 's rebranding project for TBS and the resultant changes to the channel's comedy programming. On April 24, , TBS announced that they were holding a contest for the public to select one of the Season 2 cast members called "The People's Nerd".

King of the Nerds debuted to primarily lukewarm reviews. Brian Lowry of Variety criticized the premiere episode for its "numbing lack of imagination", stating that "even the inspired casting of Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong as hosts can't make this more than a bored game of groans.

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The first season of King of the Nerds premiered to 2 million total viewers on January 17, , with 1. Electus International, the global distribution arm of Electus, distributes King of the Nerds internationally. The first season premiered on January 23, , while the second season aired on January 29, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Why My Channel is Called Black Nerd Comedy

This article is about the American version. TV Guide. Retrieved January 26, The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved November 11, Archived from the original on January 20, Retrieved March 23, Rolling Stone. Retrieved January 10, Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved September 4, Archived from the original on March 24, Season 3.

Episode February 12, January 23, Yet that pride can be corrosive. Along with the general rise of online bigotry and incivility, we have seen uglier extremes of geek culture entering the mainstream in recent years.

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There was Gamergate, for example , in which female game developers and critics of video game sexism were subjected to abuse, death threats, rape threats and doxxing discovery and revelation of personal information such as home address, phone numbers and bank details by a vengeful, anonymous online community. A similar hate campaign — Comicsgate — was directed at comic book creators deemed to have embraced progressive, feminist or leftwing values, on the part of what could be seen as a far-right geek fringe.

These elements reveal how geek culture can be policed from within as well as without. It is no longer a matter of the mainstream rejecting sci-fi nerds and comic-book fans; now it is the other way around. In that sense, at least, the mainstreaming of geek culture has removed these gatekeepers. We are all on a spectrum that permits varying levels of engagement.

There are many affiliations and many doors into it … Many people believe geekdom is defined by a love of a thing, but I think — and my experience of geekdom bears on this thinking — that the true sign of a geek is a delight in sharing a thing. Or the levels of female nudity and sexual violence directed against women in Game of Thrones. Perhaps the question now is, how much more do we need? Rest assured, plenty is available.

Marvel and DC have movies mapped out for the next decade and beyond. HBO is mulling over Game of Thrones spin-offs. How much is enough? Will we ever be inclined or able to invest so much time and devotion into such epic series again? And if we do, what will we get out of it?

When reaching for epically long texts that have undergone as much analysis and discussion and devotion as our current pop culture properties, the only ready comparisons are religious ones: the Bible, the Koran or the Talmud. Sci-fi and fantasy are like a secular religion now. We congregate in large numbers to watch them, we devote hours of study to them, we support them financially, we adorn ourselves with their merchandise and we get very angry when others speak against them.

Clearly these worlds must give us more than just popcorn escapism.


But what? Spiritual guidance? The illusion of control in a chaotic world? Perhaps it is simply connectedness. Outside the pop-culture bubble, religious and political hatred divide us; by comparison, stories such as Avengers and Game of Thrones unite us on a planetary level. That might not solve any real world problems, but more than ever it is something to value. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Film.